Monday, December 10, 2007

Free Pattern - FSM Ornament

Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament Knitting Pattern

1 skein worsted weight 100% wool yarn – Brown
1 skein worsted weight 100% wool yarn – Cream (can’t felt white yarn)
US size 4 needles – DPN’s or Circular
US size 11 needles
Tapestry needle
Oobi eyes (I used the oobi like eyes)
Upholstery thread for loop to hang on tree.

Meatball (make 2):

Knitting in the round with brown wool, cast on 6 stitches with US size 4 needles and join. Place marker.

Row 1: K all stitches
Row 2: Kfb around (12 sts)
Row 3: K all stitches
Row 4: (Kfb, K1) around (18 sts)
Row 5: K all stitches
Row 6: (Kfb, K2) around (24 sts)
Row 7: K all stitches
Row 8: K all stitches
Row 9: K all stitches
Row 10: (K2tog, k2) around (18 sts)
Row 11: K all stitches
Row 10: (K2tog, k1) around (12 sts)
Row 11: K all stitches

Stuff the meat ball at this time.

Row 12: (K2tog) around (6 sts)

Break yarn leaving a long tail. Take tail and tapestry needle and thread through remaining stitches and cinch up to close the meatball. Leave the tail so you can use it to sew the meatball to the spaghetti monster.

Felt. (I just throw it into my washer and wash with hot water. If the monster still has some stitch definition, your monster needs more felting).

Spaghetti Monster:

With cream wool, cast on (double stranded) between 20 to 30 stitches with US size 11 needles.

Cast all stitches off but keep the last stitch on the right needle.

Repeat until you have roughly 30 to 35 tendrils.

You’ll have a long string with tendrils on it. Using a tapestry needle, sew the string together to make the monster, leaving the tendrils to dangle.


Make up:

Sew the meatballs on the monster (use the photo above as a guide). Trim all stray yarn ends. Take Oobi eyes and thread some of the tendrils through the loop so the eyes will stay in place (Usually can stay in place with three tendrils). Sew upholstry thread on top and make a loop so you can hang it on the tree.

Variation (added 12/25/07):

If you don't want/can't get the oobie eyes, you can do this instead:

After knitting all 30 tendrils, knit two additional tendrils like this:

Cast on 8 stitches.

K2, turn work, k2, turn work

Cast off 8 stitches.

Make him up as shown above. Using two buttons for each eye socket, you can buy a large white button and insert a smaller black button to make them look like googly eyes. I've found that these work better than the plastic googly eyes. (look at my alligator mittens for an example).

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Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


Anonymous said...

this is the best thing i've ever seen. found you via CRAFT Magazine's blog


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I won't sleep till I knit up at least three of these beauties!!

Rebecca said...

WoOOOow. To be Touched By His Noodle-y Appendage AND have a slight rash to show for it. I'm in! And now my husband will have one (at least) to adorn his eclectic cubicle. Our friends will have to benefit from your very generous pattern-giving. I will really enjoy making this!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!

I found you via Whip-Up.

Unknown said...

Perfect!! Your next project should be knitting a Mister Splashy Pants figure! Hey, I don't have time to make one of these FSM knit ornaments, but if anyone makes an extra one I would love to buy one as a xmas gift for my boyfriend. Is that a weird request? Well, if you are willing let me know...Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to knit this for my husband for Christmas! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to knit this for my husband for Christmas! Thank you so much!

knitnzu said...

LOVE this!!! Found you via biggeek's knitting blog, she linked over to the CRAFT mag blog. I have a whole bunch of oobi-like eyes, and can see making a bunch of these, all colors!

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly done!
I love it.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me but, AWWWWWWWW :D

Sarah said...

Hullo! My fiance found your blog via one of his tech blogs and I have to say that this is an ingenious pattern! I'm making one right now - I'll send a picture along when the Noodly One is finished. :) Thanks for posting this!

FinnyKnits said...

That's a great pattern and will go perfectly with our multi/non denominational holiday season. I think his noodly appendage will rest nicely on my menorah and above our stockings.

Very cute!

Unknown said...

LOVE the ornament. You should sell them (for us non-knitters).

Amy Taramasso said...

Brilliant! I think this would be lovely, along with penne rigate chains. Can't wait to make one. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Well, I didn't find this in time for Christmas '07, but fortunately now I have all year to make some for '08! Ramen to that!

Toni said...


Monkeymama said...

I found your blog after a friend suggested your baby surprise jacket guide.

I was browsing around and thought this pattern was awesome. I learned how to felt and circular knit so that I could make it for my sister-in-law and she was totally shocked and surprised (in a good way) to see her birthday gift.

Thanks so much for this pattern! A picture of my FSM on my blog in my "knitting spaghetti" post.

Monkeymama said...

Sorry - thought I posted a link...

Kathleen said...

We've been looking for a noodly tree topper for a few years as our current Gandalf "angel" is too small for the tree top. I can't wait to get started on this!!!!

Ray-ray said...

So it does exist! This is amazing!!!