Friday, May 23, 2008

FO - Baby Sweater

Yes, another baby item! J's family keeps getting larger. . .

Sweater Pattern: Green Zebra Stripe Baby Sweater (free) for size 2 yrs
Yarn: Pound of Love
Thoughts: I'm trying to knit through my stash and I have two skeins of the PoL. The pattern was easy to follow, but the construction of the sweater was a little weird - it's a bottom up raglan top.

ETA: The construction was strange for me because I had to stop in the middle and knit the arms in the round separately - then join them. After they were joined, it took some mental aerobics for me to grock what was going on. Like I mentioned, the instructions in the pattern were really good. I just wasn't trusting them while I was knitting it, but it came together quite nicely.

Sock Pattern: Socks Three Ways (free)
Yarn: Pound of Love
Thoughts: I did the kids sock but heavily modified the pattern. The whole leg is a 2x2 rib and the foot is 4 inches long. The size given on the pattern is wrong. It says to knit for 6.5" - my sock it to me guide said a kids size 2 is 4". I also don't like to knit dutch heels.


Dove Knits said...

What did you find weird about the construction? I'm wondering because I'd obviously like to make my patterns as logical to make as possible. Was it just that it's bottom up? It's actually not a raglan, though, but a round yoke. A raglan has linear decreases just at the shoulder. Anyway, that's all minor.

I love seeing this in a single color -- it came out very nice! Thanks for knitting up my pattern.

Ceallach said...

I knit the sleeves first for this type of sweater....that way they are ready to go when I get to that point of the garment.