Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maker Faire 2011

Pre-Maker Faire lineBubbles entertain the crowd waiting to get into Maker FaireElectronic GiraffeElectric ButterflyTesla coils and cage before show timeThe pointer acts like a mouse
The stuff needed to make the cool pointerMr. ShockingZombies - which rule does this fall  under?Lights up and spins. AWESOME!Simple concept for a wallR2D2
Wall-e buildersAir blower forestChanges color and when stepped onIlluminated soft circuitsIlluminated ponies on RC carsAnimated sharks
Illuminated foresthome made camperWind powered kartChainless bikeUrban GoatsGorgeous Cock Mask

Maker Faire 2011, a set on Flickr.

Way too much fun!

Maker Faire 2011

We went to San Mateo for this year's Maker Faire.

I went to Swap-a-rama-rama to start my Maker Faire project.

I took a blue T-shirt and used a serger to make it into a shrug for my 9 year old.

Many thanks to CC and Katy who helped.
CC was a wiz with the serger and made the whole process not so scary and Katy was wonderful at showing me how to do a button hole. I just may have to break down and buy one of those new fangled sewing machines because making a button hole now is SUPER EASY!

Right next to Swap-a-rama was the booth doing silk screening. M chose to do the flowers.

Then, while waiting for a demo on soft circuitry, I ran into Dia from SparkFun. She was great and gave me some supplies to try to sew in some LilyPad LED's. Here's what the soft parallel circuit looks like:

And the coolest part - what it looks like with a battery in: