Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another CSM pair

Well, since the other socks were too small for MA, I whipped out another pair last night.
Here's my second attempt at making size 7.5 socks.

Yarn: Comfort Sock
Color: 1812
Hem: 15 row Picot
Leg: 52 rows
Foot: 52 rows
Gage: 7.5 sts/9 rows per inch

Toe to Heel measurement: 9 inches

I washed the other pair and superimposed it onto the ones I just made:

Observations: The yarn color faded a bit, but there wasn't any shrinkage with this yarn. The 15 row picot edge doesn't flare out like the 10 row picot edge.


Sandy said...

LOVE the colors. I've never tried to make socks, it's one of those things on my list though. Sorry the pair you made weren't the right size for the person you made them for; they look comfy.....I'm sure someone will enjoy them.

You say you made them in a night? Thats awesome. I always thought socks looked complicated and involved...thus time consuming??

Doing a little blog walking today to see what folks are up to, came over from 25 Things for Charity.

Stop in for a visit anytime, the welcome mats always out.

Have a good wkend.

Anonymous said...

The socks look great. wow, that sock machine really cranks them out. I have that same color of comfort and I'm knitting the little shells pattern with it. I may rip it out, I like the plan look of your socks...