Monday, January 07, 2008

Mel Update

Well, my little dog has been through the wringer - and so I have I.

Last time I posted about this, we had just had him stitched up. Well, he popped his stitches a week later and I had to take him in again to get new stitches put in.

Three days later, THOSE stitches pulled apart - so in we go again. It looked like a portion of his skin had adhered to his skin (which was good), so the doctor went ahead and took out all the stitches, allowed us to keep off the Elizabethan collar, and let Mel lick his wound.

That evening, I went to check on him, and the bugger had pulled the flap away from his leg - thus - uggh - it's really too gross to describe.

So, in we go again. This time the vet said that his wound is not life threatening and we had three options:

  1. Go see a board certified vet surgeon and get an opinion.
  2. Put him under general anaesthesia to take the flap off.
  3. Let the flap go necrotic and he could then just cut the flap away without any anesthesia.

Well, Option One would cost more money. We've already spent over $1,000 on this little guy. I love him, but if we can stop the hemorrhaging (so to speak) and he's not in pain, then Option One is out.

Option Two will cost money, too. But it also puts him under again for a third time. I just didn't feel comfortable doing that. We were given a couple of days to think about this option, and while we were thinking, we've found that he's actually doing just fine with Option Three.

I have to wash his wound twice a day and he's still taking antibiotics and some type of pain pill to keep him lethargic. Mel is a high energy dog and we need him to keep still so his wound will heal.

Good news is that his appetite is finally coming back.

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