Monday, March 10, 2008

First Ribbed CSM Socks!

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I went to the North Texas Crank-in this past weekend and I did it, I did it! I got my ribber to work!

Here's my first ribbed pair of socks (for MEEEE)!
Yarn: CK King handpainted
20 rows 1 x 1 rib
50 rows 3 x 1 rib
15 rows preheel
65 rows foot
gage: 10 rows per inch
Size: Ladies 10.5

Math for size: 10.375" (toe to heel measurement for ladies 10.5) - 4" (for toe & heel) = 6.375" x 10 rows / inch = 63.75 rows (or 64). I did one extra row, so I think these will fit very well.


Note: Thea wanted to know how these fit. Well, I'm now not a fan of 72 needle cylinder socks. When I put them on, they're great, but they stretch out and become bunchy towards the middle of the day. My 60 needle socks don't do that. The leg, however, rocks. I have large calves and these just fit me great. Mary Berry (my CSM guru) has mentioned that she does a ribbed sock with the 36 needle dial and the 54 needle cylinder. It gives a nice large leg and a snug foot. I don't have a 54 needle cylinder, so I won't be doing this for a while. While I was able to whip out the ribbed sock, some knob or setting must have been disturbed during transit because I have not been able to get the ribber going since. I'll get it working! I also have been EATING my ribber needles through this difficult time. I have been wanting to order some large eye needles from Pat Fly with Angora Valley. I'll probably order 50 more ribber needles.

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So how did these fit?