Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 Hour Socks

Yarn: Comfort Sock
Color: 1812
Hem: 10 row Picot
Leg: 45 rows
Foot: 45 rows
Gage: 7.5 sts/9 rows per inch

Toe to Heel measurement: 8 inches

Wow, I even have matching patterns on each sock! I DID not plan that out, but how cool! I'm hoping this will fit a size 7.5 foot, but feel that it may be too small. A 7.5 shoe is 9.5" from toe to heel (ladies shoe chart). According to a child's shoe chart I found on-line, the sock may be for a child size 2.
I'm gifting my socks tonight. Hopefully they fit. As soon as I understand the expected stretch required in socks, I'll post it here.
(Note: MA tried on her socks and the heel was an inch too short - darn!)

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Midnight-Designs said...

Those "smaller" socks would fit me! I wear a size 4.5 to 5 womens or 2 in boys. I'm going to remember your row counts for when I get past tubes on my CSM