Friday, January 18, 2008

WIP - Bombshell #2 - Short Rows

Okay. I admit that I really don't understand how to put in bust darts.

I love Big Girl Knits because they spell out in a very logical way how to figure out how many stitches to increase and the number of rows you knit.

So, in an effort to try to understand this, I've made some schematics to try to grapple with this topic. I'm using the data that's found in Chapter 4 of BGK. Please, if anyone is reading this, and I have this totally wrong, help a sista' out. I'm tired of ripping my short rows out on this thing!

Here's a figure from BGK showing where short rows help out us busty types:

Okay. That's clearly a triangle with the pointy side up. So, according to BGK, then will the short rows look like this:
Or like this (triangle down):
Since I'm visual, I drew out what I think the instructions are saying to do. Start at the bottom with the dimensions to follow what I think is going on.
So, it's making an inverted triangle. So I rewrote the above to show how to knit an inverted triangle top down (read from the top down):

I went to SnB last night and the ladies there said that the bust darts need to be in a diamond shape - like this:
RIPPPPPPPPPPP. I had other problems with the ribbing - like being 10 stitches too short - my waist is just not that small - so ripping back was already in my future.

Seriously, though. What is it? I'm tired of ripping back on this and I don't want it to become a WIP Closet Monster.

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