Monday, January 07, 2008

Reviewed:"Wildseed" by Octavia Butler

I read this on the recommendation of my husband. I read entertaining books far more than he does, so when he reads a book that he likes, I tend to listen to him.

This book is the first in a trilogy. I have to admit that I must be going through a bit of Octavia Butler burn out after reading her previous trilogy, so I didn't receive this book as well as I probably would have if I had more time between these trilogies.

There are many similarities that it was difficult to keep the two different "universes" separate.

The most frustrating part of the book is the main character, Doro. He is thousands of years old and survives by hopping into someone else's body until that body is used up. He kills indiscriminately and you get the idea that he really has no use for the human race. His whole focus is on breeding people together to make a race of people like him.

Thing is, when he comes across a woman who does live long, he both loves her and hates her. He loves that she's great "seed" for the future race he's trying to breed, and yet, she's so independant minded and is one of the few people who aren't afraid of him, that he hates that she doesn't fear him - which is the way he's been breeding people for years.

I started reading Mind of My Mind, but my heart is just not into it.

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