Sunday, January 20, 2008


Well, I made it to Van Alstyne this weekend to meet up with 11 other CSM owners to learn how to use my machine.

And boy, did I ever learn!

I loaded up my machine, had some trouble with yarn not knitting and learned the importance of having weight on the bottom of my knitting and the importance of making sure the yarn is fed in without any interferance.

And thus, I knitted my very first tube.


So, next thing to learn: Picot edgings.

I mastered that one and made my own set up bonnet (yay!) It's the knitted item on the left.

Next the big daddy: learning how to turn a heel.

I sucessfully got one heel done. It wasn't pretty, but I now know the mechanics.

I tried getting another heel turned today, but I just couldn't get my machine to cooperate. Plus, I just didn't know how tough this was on your lower back and upper shoulders.

I got home late on Sunday and I whipped up another set up bonnet. I tried turning a heel, but every time I turn and start going back, my yarn breaks. It could be because I've been using the same yarn over and over again, so I'll try with some virgin yarn another day.

So basically I have enough skills to knit a simple sock. No ribbing yet. That will have to be mastered at the next crank in after I have my first couple of pairs of socks cranked out.


Oh, and if you are interested in seeing some photo's of the weekend at Apple Leef Farm, click here.

So I guess there was nothing wrong with my CSM (although I DID replace the yarn carrier - which has made a ton of difference). I'm just glad I didn't follow through with getting the cylinder's milled down. Now I just have to practice, practice, practice. My fingers are sore. I may have to invest in a leather thimble for my thumb.

Oh, and I met some of the greatest ladies this weekend. Their patience with me was great and we all got along just great.


fillyjonk said...

Van Alstyne? As in, Texas?

Really? If so, you're not at all far away from me! I drive by Van Alstyne about every 3 months on my "pilgrimage" to go shopping in McKinney.

Anonymous said...

Shelly -- that 2nd set up bonnet looks great! See what we mean? It just takes practice!!! Every time you try you get a little better!