Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Project: Two-at-a-time, toe up socks (for ME!!).

Needles: 3 mm needles (47" long).

Yarn: I'm knitting these with Christine's yarn that she spun up (I love the colors). If you want some yarn like this, head on over to her site: Spinning Straw Into Gold. She raises her own Satin Angora rabbits, and currently has the cutest batch around - all are white, except one light brown one.

Notes: Cast on 10 stitches using Tunisian Cast On (basically I just wrap the yarn around both needles and knit from them - it works great - thanks Carissa!). Increased each row for three rows (16 sts on each side) Switched to inc every other row and increased to 30 stitches on either side. Top of socks are knit with Jaywalker pattern, but I k5 instead of k7. Works just fine.

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