Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dallas ComiCon

J saw that the Dallas Comic Convention was going on today, so we ran over to Richardson this afternoon.

You see, M is currently in a writing mode. So much that she gets into trouble at school for not doing her other work. It's something her teacher HATES to discourage, but M's writing *is* interfering with her other work.

So we are encouraging her as much as we can here at home, and it's working. She will disappear into her room to write.

So today, we went to Comi Con and actively sought out the writers - she wanted to take notes. These guys were SO great towards her and really listened to her and encouraged her. One even said he'd follow up with her over email. M even told them some of the stories she's been working on.

Good weekend.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Work is great and I enjoy the hell out of it. It definitely has put a crimp into my knitting and blogging time.

I've made a couple of scarves to wear to work. I'll get a photo and get them posted.

J called and told me they were running late at the dentist. She's going to get braces put on her front four teeth - man that's young. She'll be 8 in February.

Generally, she's going to do it in two stages and we're looking at wrapping it up by the time she's 12.

On flood watch this weekend. Looks like one of our lakes will hit conservation late tomorrow afternoon. First time for me! Years ago I did man some telephones on a mini event.