Friday, June 22, 2007

M's new dress

When my grandmother died, it seemed like there was a rush to get her stuff. I wanted just three things: the first cast iron skillet she bought with my grandfather, a really cheesy picture of a lady with a bowl of cherries, and her sewing machine.

My sewing machine has been a great buy - I got it at the local Pawn Shop. When I took a sewing class at a local community college, all the ladies there had bought brand new machines. My instructor said that she LOVED my machine and she had many in her shop (she was a professional seamstress).

But it's had it's problems over the years and I found that I just didn't use it that much.
Grandma's machine is in a sewing table and is very handy to have around. I finally moved the machine downstairs to an area where I know I'll use it.

I took M to Joann's the other day so she can pick out a pattern so I could sew an outfit for her. While we were there, I found a quick to sew fabric. I made this dress last night. M sat right next to me the whole time watching the process. This is her "Brats" pose.

I have no idea what type of pose this is. Where does she get this?
Just being goofy:

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Knitting Rose said...

Beautiful - just beautiful. She is a gem - I am glad you are getting use out of the machine. I understand about the skillet and the cheesy pic. It is the little things that mean a lot.