Thursday, June 21, 2007

Uh-oh'd my Uh-oh's

Bleh. The first ring knit up SO quickly. The second ring, which I knitted from memory, took a little longer to knit.

Now I know why: My memory isn't so good.

The other thing I should have done was to knit/sew the arms/legs before I sewed and stuffed the rings. Now I just can't pick up stitches to knit these suckers up.

So, I'm gonna call these done after I felt them.

Crud. They are really cute.

I just found out one of the nurses at my allergist's office is due in September with a little girl. Hey, I can cast on and make some girly uh-oh's!

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Anonymous said...

I did exactly the same thing with my Uh-Ohs. Just cound your Captain Underpants....he has a certain "charm" about him doesn't he!