Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reviewed: "All Together Dead" by Charlain Harris

This is another book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Once again, Ms. Harris has demonstrated what a good story teller she is. I have to compare the series to Laurell K. Hamilton's series, as LKH really started the whole paranormal romance (shudder) genre. LKH's Anita Blake series has devolved to porn. CH's series, however, keeps moving forward and I just enjoy the heck out of her stuff.

Neat plot points from this book and general observations (you may want to stop reading here as I do talk about some spoilers):

Jason, her ne'r-do-well brother turned were-panther, is now married and Sookie had to vouch for him at the wedding. I see a big conflict in the future on this!

Quinn, the were-tiger, is a great boyfriend for Sookie. I'm curious as to where the relationship goes.

Bon Temps is getting to be a smaller and smaller town as our Sookie is becoming a little more worldly. Andre, the Louisiana vampire queen's hatchet man, makes Sookie swap blood with Eric for the third time. So now Eric can "turn" Sookie at any time he wants.

Barry, another telepath, finds that contact with Sookie strengthens their telepathic abilities. He gets a little freaked by how Sookie really doesn't like what the vamps have done to her and by knowing that Quinn killed Andre for making Sookie so beholden to Eric.

I liked how CH used the Katrina tragedy to show how much the area was devastated.

Well done, Ms. Harris. Well done!

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Lisa T said...

Agree with you about the Sookie books and with how bad the last few LKH books have been (bought the latest one any way and half way thru so far so good)

However, disagree about LKH having started the whole paranormal romance thing. Check out the Blood books by Tanya Huff (there's a series now too-could be better)
Huff makes Hamilton look like a monkey with a typewriter