Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Senator Luger

I know there are snippets of Senator Luger's speech yesterday running around the Internet, but you really owe it to yourself to listen to his whole speech. It's around 43 minutes long and can be found on CSPAN's website here: (click on Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) Senate Floor Speech on the Iraq War - you may have to search in the archives for it).

The gist of what he says is that we need to fight a better diplomatic war. He's right. That would, in the long term, stabilize the area and get more countries to participate in helping us stabilize the area.

While the Iraqi war is a mess the United States has created, it is up to us to fix it - and we can't do that alone.

Well said, Senator Luger. Well said!

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Artemisia said...

So Senator Lugar finally says this. The Democrats have been saying this for years now. In fact, it's kind of interesting that Lugar is saying this now when just a few months ago he voted to continue funding the war, & before that he basically voted in lock step with his party. He's a good senator, I know, but a lot of others have been saying this for a long time.