Monday, February 04, 2008

What I did over the weekend

These are all for my mom - she bought the sock yarn from Knit Picks. The top two yarns is Elements and the stripy ones are Felici.
I learned something about sock sizing. You need to make the sock to the size of the foot. It will be a little large on the foot, but all you have to do is wash the sock - they will shrink a little and become perfect fitting socks.
Good to know.

Mom also gave me her "Sock it too me" sock sizing guide. I love it!
We also made a deal, if she buys the yarn, I'll make the socks. She will also buy a little extra for me to use. Sweet!
Now all I need to do is to play with my ribber and get selvages under control. Then I can make nice ribbed socks. Right now the socks are good if you have big ankles!

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Tasha said...

wow - that's a lotta socks! Lucky girl.