Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girl Power

Well, I had a great big dose of being a girl yesterday. After school, I picked up M and took her to Town Square. We went and early voted - Go Hillary! Then went to the library.
Next stop: Sweet and Sassy. My daughter loves going here and if left to her own devices, would have her hair cut here all the time, and get her nails done, and have her birthday party, etc. . .
My folks had sent a check for her birthday present and M had been bugging me about getting an ear piercing appointment (her best friend S got her ears pierced for Christmas). So I thought this would be a great use for the birthday money.


M picked out her ear rings and they did them two at a time. I was really proud of her - no tears, no screaming. She did better than I did when I got mine pierced at age 10.

She also needed her bangs trimmed, so the ladies cut them and put her hair up into a style that showed off her new ear rings. M called it her make-over. :)
So, here's M with her make over.
Here's a close up of her ear (she wanted to see what it looked like)

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Anonymous said...

Bless her, they look lovely. Well done mum, great idea M. Don't forget to teach her how to look after them mum.