Monday, February 11, 2008

Just killed a woman (FO: Binary Hat)

I joined HAT ATTACK! which is a knitting game - of sorts.

The idea is you are assigned a target and will knit a specific hat for that person. You need to try to get it finished as fast as possible because someone is knitting the same hat for you (your assassin). If you receive a finished hat, then you are considered killed and need to send your unfinished hat to your assassin to finish knitting. It's all circular and eventually one person is left and wins the competition.

I finished my hat last night and it is going in the mail today. The front:

The back:

I have to admit that I hate sending this off as I love the colors and cabling of this hat. I took the time to knit in the Fibonacci series, too. This is a truly Geeky (capital G) hat. Notice the cabling on the hat? It's counting numbers in binary - look at the front and go left to right and you'll see it.

My assassin has finished her hat and has posted it. It's green, which is nice because my winter jacket is green, too. She lives in Illinois, so I am expecting it in tomorrows mail.

So, Livviebrooke, you may want to avoid the mail box for the next few days as I have my weapon built and it's on its way.

Yes, knitters are a strange lot. We definitely have our own little subculture going.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, very nice! I do really liek the colors.
I'm so sorry you will die soon. may you rest in peace.