Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Supreme Court recent ruling

I keep seeing blurbs about the kid who lost the “Bong Hits for Jesus” case.

But the more disturbing case that was released on the same day was the FFRF case.

They were trying to sue the Executive Branch because of the Branch’s emphasis on giving away public money to churches.

While on the surface it seems like a church/state separation issue, the real issue is that SCOTUS basically said that taxpayers HAVE NO STANDING when it comes to challenging the Executive Branch.

This is really chilling to me.
Basically the Executive Branch is endorsing religion when they give (taxpayer) money to these programs.
But, since the first amendment says that CONGRESS shall make no laws establishing religion, it's okay for the Executive Branch to do it?
Come on.
But the most disturbing thing to me is that it sets a precedent that no taxpayer can take the Executive Branch to court. It essentially grants any Presidential Administration carte-blanche - and that bothers me a great deal. Especially with *this* Administration. It just seems that they're so sneaky. Everything is legal, but it's seems like they get away with it because of technicalities.

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