Friday, June 22, 2007

WIP's - some are hibernating

In an effort to show all the stuff I'm working on, here are some of my projects I've cast on and haven't been public with.

Here's my baby pinwheel blanket. It's measuring 24-inches in diameter. I still think this is too small and wonder how big to make it. I love knitting on it. Great mindless knitting and it looks dramatic, too! This is the beginning of a MDK Modern Baby Log Cabin Blanket. I am using Oh My! yarn and it feels so soft.
Here's the infamous Garterlac bathmat. It hurts my hands to knit on it for any length of time.
Fish afghan from the Bits and Bob's yahoo! group. I'm experimenting with trying to limit the amount of sewing that's required.
The back of the fish - see the seams?
After I knitted the neapolitan fish, I decided to see if I could reverse the pattern. I could.Once the green fish was finished, I just kept knitting another fish according to the pattern.

I'm still not happy with all the sewing that would be required if I knitted it in strips. I'll try to figure out how to knit this as an Intarsia project. It's a great way to use up my cotton scraps.

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Teresa said...

Shelly, I love the idea of continuing to knit those fish in a long line! I just made a dishcloth so it wasn't that big a deal to seam. An afghan would be a monster!
And (I know this is on the wrong post) M's a cutie!!!