Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Best Cereal EVER

Did I ever confess that I have a true weakness for all those kids cereals that most adults snicker at? I especially like chocolate ones - it makes the BEST cereal milk. I also confess that I pick my bowl up and drink the milk. Yes I know this isn't good etiquette, but it's cereal milk, ya' know! :)

So the week we were in Cozumel, M found what is to be described as THE BEST CEREAL EVER!!

Chocolate Frosted Flakes with mini marshmallows.
(cue the Ariel song - aw aw ahhhh, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhh):

Yes. You read right.

Hey, I would have been over the moon with just Chocolate Frosted Flakes, but the marshmallows - man - that just blew my mind.

And yes, it's every bit as sugary sweet as you can imagine.

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