Monday, January 14, 2008

WIP - Bombshell #2 - The back boobs saga

Well, I absolutely shot a whole day's worth of knitting yesterday.

I am knitting another Bombshell because I just loved the first one - before it was ruined . This one is being knitted in machine washable cotton.

I knitted short rows and some of the ribbing on the back side of my sweater.


I've really been struggling with the short rows in this thing because the BGK explains how to figure short rows for a bottom up sweater. The Bombshell is knit top down.

I initially knit it like the book said - and made my darts the wrong way - RIP

I then fixed that and moved onto the ribbing. It seemed like I was a little off with the instructions, but I knitted on.


But of course, intrepid knitter that I am, I pushed on and "corrected" the pattern on the fly.

For some reason, I finally looked at the sweater - because I wanted to see the pattern forming on the front.

But. . . it wasn't on the front. . .

I had knitted back boobs.

I put my knitting down and just couldn't even look at it. It was like it had betrayed me. I worked SO hard - even corrected my initial mistake. And this is what happened - back boobs.

My knitting is still sitting untouched in a corner.

Is this how some of our items become UFO's? I wonder.

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Knitting Rose said...

You KNOW that is how some things become UFOs - poor dear. I cant believe that happened to you. you will pick it back up and try again - I KNOW you will succeed!