Friday, May 23, 2008

Geeky stuff

I subscribe to the Bad Astronomer Blog and Tom's Astronomy Blog. I'm not one of those super knowledgeable types when it comes to astronomy. Truth be told, I like reading them for the photos - it's sort of how most everyone "reads" National Geographic.

But I digress. Both of them posted this photo.

The child of the 70's in me remembers when all my mom's friends did free form wall hanging weaving and this photo reminds me of that time - Orange was HIP.
The modern art fan in me feels that this photo can even be framed and hung in a modern art museum. (I'm one of those weird people who likes Jackson Pollock's stuff.)
The geek in me is really amazed. It's a photo of the red dot on Jupiter - it's a huge storm - and it shows at least four more "dots". According to Tom, the small dot close to the large dot is being predicted to join together in August.
How cool is that?


Laiane said...

As a child of the 70's myself, I was reminded of those frames that held different colored layers of sand. You would rock the frames back and forth to get the sand to pool/pour into different formations.

hodgepodgespv said...

as a child of the...o, fooee...i'm 62...i don't care what generation your of, that's a good pic well worth framing! i'm generally not much into "modern" art but i would like that no matter if i knew what it was or not!