Tuesday, May 27, 2008

WIP - Girl's Halter top

I'm currently designing a girl's halter top - we live in the D/FW area and it gets hot. I'll probably write up the pattern once I have it all figured out.
It's pretty simple. My DD is 24-inches wide (and has been for at least the past two years), so I cast on enough stitches to knit a fan and feather pattern for the skirt part of the shirt. (In my case, it was 108 stitches). I knitted that part flat. Once the skirt part measured roughly 9.5 inches long, I decreased across the top for 84 stitches and joined it. I then knitted the top in the round for a stockinette top. I knitted that for about 3 inches. Then I cast off 42 stitches in the back and started the halter part. (These are just rough notes for myself). I decreased on the knit side, purled the wrong side until the top looked long enough to cover DD's chest. I then did a picot edging and cast off. I'm currently knitting the straps in a 5 stitch garter and plan on having those cross in the back and fasten in the front with a button located inside the halter.

Of course this is being knitted in cheap kitchen cotton!



The skirt part of the shirt has an open seam in the back that stays open.

What do you think? Would anyone else be interested in knitting this? I can easily see this being done in pinks, too. I wanted to knit the top in the blue, but my local Joann's didn't have that color when I went shopping there over the weekend.

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Ceallach said...

Oh! Yeah, I would totally be interested in it.

I have done similar things for Littlest in Kitchen Cotton and she loves wearing them, but I tend to do a mesh skirt for the bottom and then a tie around the back, for adjustability on a growing-fast little girl.