Monday, May 12, 2008


I have an uncle who I've lost track of over the years. We sort of connected via email and it's been really nice to hear what's going on in his world.

Uncle Butch is my big jolly uncle who always played with us when we were little. I also shot my first gun with Uncle Butch. He worked for the IRS for years and is now retired and doing a little consulting work - forthe state of Georgia - as in former USSR!

His emails are remarkable and wonderfully descriptive. I got one this weekend that detailed a side project of his.

He set up a children's relief fund for the orphans of Georgia!


And it was really formed because he was appalled at the conditions that the orphans lived under. I've emailed him to see if I can get a knitting charity program together. I just was really touched that he did all this - but not terribly surprised. He's just terrific and so is his wife, Edythe.

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