Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Weekend

My company (which I have officially hit the one year mark at) had a pool party with all my co-workers on Friday. I have to say a lot of work went into it and all I did was show up. School is officially on and I found myself leaving home at 7 am and not returning until 9 pm all week long. The pool party was officially a wonderful way to end a very busy week. Thank you to all my co-workers who put it together. Good job.

Saturday was spent over at Frisco at a mid-powered rocket launch put on by the Dallas Area Rocket Society (DARS). Years ago I used to be VERY involved with high-powered rockets and had to take a break when my little one was having sensory overload issues. I got to spot the Range Safety Officer for about an hour and had a great time. It was really nice to re-connect with past friends. We are thinking seriously about going to Air Fest this year up in Argonia, Kansas. Should be a good fun trip and it's been 6 years since we last went. I'm also due some time off and after this semester, I'm gonna need to blow something up.

Today we ran by a new home brew store in north Dallas today because I needed some more bottles - I have a German Light and a Koelsh in the buckets and needed to bottle this weekend or risk losing one of the buckets. 72 bottles later (which, by the way, were good, but the best bottles are the ones from Sam Adam's bottles) I bought some ingredients for my very first non-kit beer. It's a Stone IPA recipe, but with a liquid malt extract instead of whole grains. The house has a wonderful hoppy smell right now!

Knitting: Well, I have the body and hood done on a Central Park Hoodie. I had to do some serious modifications to the sleeves - 8 1/2" is not wide enough for a plus size gal. I added about 5 more inches. I'm currently knitting the sleeves. Slow going as I have LOTS going on. I also always have a wash cloth going in my purse and have a number of them knitted up waiting to be distributed to others when the time is right.

Best part of this weekend is seeing M get the rocket bug. I hated leaving the hobby years ago, but I know we're going to start up again - M loved it too much and we had too much fun to not do it again. Next launch: Frisco (August 21st).