Friday, January 30, 2009

FO - Pirate Sheldon Outfit

I need to add a little elastic to help hold the hat on. I did a three stitch cast-on i-cord along to top of the hat because I didn't like the way the single crochet looked.

I also started on the Beachbum Outfit. One problem I have is that the photo's on the pattern really aren't that clear - only a photo in one direction. The Beachbum outfit has LOTS of elements to it that I'm having a little trouble visualizing them as I knit.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Counters - After

I'm very pleased.

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - AfterKitchen Island - before

Kitchen Island - after

Here's where my sink is. The tile is all new.
Guest Bathroom - before
Guest Bathroom - after

The nice thing is that we do have tile on both bathroom floors - and they look really nice. We're probably going to tile the utility room, hall, and kitchen with the same stuff. Here's a photo from the hall.

The utility room before
The utility room after
Utility sink before

Utility Sink afterMaster bath before
Master bath after

Turns out the counter top guys broke off the pipe that goes into the master bath sinks. That's why you see a nice big hole in the bottom.
If you ever replace counter tops, don't forget to factor in the cost for a plumber. The counter tops guys set the sinks and left. $1,500 + later, we get the sinks all put back together - which is not something we planned for. Since the home was built by a homeowner, the plumbing is a little screwy. Plus, it's been a while and they have to upgrade stuff as they come across them - our supply lines were screw in and have a tendency to leak if you re-connect stuff to them.

All in all I'm pleased. Next up is to tile and laminate the floors downstairs (which all this work was done - downstairs). I'm also rethinking the yellow in my utility room.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

FO - Sheldon

I got a gift certificate for my birthday this year from my in-laws to Knit Picks. I had been eying the Sheldon kits, so I bought both. M wants the Beach Bum Sheldon - so I was about to cast on for that shell and - crap! - the kit didn't have the right color in it. The kit fulfillment people ran out and substituted a light blue. It's just not the same. I called and they had turquoise in stock and are sending it to me gratis. Thanks, Knit Picks! What great customer service!

Counters - Before

My home is 25 years old this year (We've been here only 5 of those years) and it's time to upgrade. I did some work for a local granite counter top company and we struck a deal - basically for the cash equivalent of replacing my kitchen, I could replace all flat surfaces on my first floor.

So here are the before pictures.

My kitchen:
Nice faux wood laminate.
The island in the kitchen.
The guest bathroom
The utility room
The utility sink
Master bath - look at that faux marble-y goodness - away it goes!
Along with the gawd-awful sinks!
The guys are installing the counter tops right now. I'll get after photo's later.


J canz writez

J has just received a copy of his first book (he wrote an article in this one, two others he was an editor). Congrats, J!