Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cool new show

I am addicted to television. It's really terrible, but I am.

I just saw a new show that really appeals to my feminist side: Commander In Chief.

First of all, I like Geena Davis as an actress. I've seen almost everything she's done (even the crap) and I enjoy her stuff. She's really great in this show.

The problem is that it comes on at the same time that My Name Is Earl comes on. So, I have PVR'd the CIC show upstairs and watch it on the sly.

My Name is Earl is actually good, too. It makes me literally laugh out loud, and I've not laughed out loud at a network show for years. I essentially avoid all sit-coms now. I find them predicable and boring.

I also really like Lost. This was a surprise show from last season. I thought it was a fictionalized Survivor clone and didn't watch it at first. It's a good thing that ABC re-ran the first episodes after the buzz got around about how great the show is. And it is.

I love stories. I can probably say that I'm passionate about them. When writers get lazy, I get a little mad. I guess that's why I really like Lost. There's a story and it has me hooked.

Although, I must admit that I was getting a little impatient with them towards the end of last season. The story was stalled and it was pretty obvious that they (the writers) didn't know where to go with it. I'm glad they finally got their crap together and started moving the plot forward.

Enough. I have more to say on television.

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