Friday, September 30, 2005

That Didn't Work

Crap! My name was still showing on bloglines. I had to change my name under the edit profile setting. Hopefully that will fix it.

On to TV talk:

Lost: Finally saw the second episode. The writers did a good job - they really didn't move the story forward, but enough loose ends from the season premier were explained that I didn't find it too terribly irritating.

New things that are interesting:

Donovan, the guy who's been down in the hole, was obviously waiting for someone ("Are you him?"). Who?

Was the meeting with Jack and Donovan in the past a set up or a coincidence? Is Jack "him" and he doesn't know it yet?

Why is Donovan worried about getting sick? Are the people really susceptible to sickness or was this just a ruse to keep Donovan down in the hole?

The numbers have been given a little bit of an explanation - Donovan has to type them in every 120 hours - who is monitoring the numbers? Why is it important for Donovan to check in? He was obviously panicked to make sure the numbers were typed in.

Who are the others who were chasing Chen at the end? I think they're the passengers from other part of the airplane. Chen washed up on shore, and doesn't speak a lick of English. Makes sense that they'd tie him up if things have been as weird with this group as what has been going on with the other group.

Where's Walt? Why did "they" take him instead of the baby?

Good show.

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