Monday, May 22, 2006

Back Home

I'm so glad to be back home - sleeping in my own bed, sitting in my own comfy chair, using my own computer. I'm finally comfortable for the first time in about two weeks.

First of all, I had a strange rash break out on the lower part of my jaw. Then another itchy patch showed up on my hip, then on my arms. I went to the doctor and found that I have some type of dermatitis. I had difficulty sleeping because I was so uncomfortable with the itch. It was not fun. Thank goodness for steroids. I'm now sleeping through the night and am pretty happy with how the medication is keeping the rash in check.

Then I get a call from my uncle last Wednesday. Grandma will not be getting her feeding tube and will slowly starve to death. The family decided to sit vigil on Grandma while she's alert and talking, so we packed up the dog, the child, and the husband and headed down to my parents house. My folks and my sister, at this time, are located on a rented sailboat somewhere in the Caribbean. After the first night, we decided that J and M should just go back home - there wasn't anything for them to do. So I stayed with my uncle at my parents house. Our schedule was to wake up, make breakfast, go to the home and sit with Grandma, go home for lunch, go back to see Grandma, go home for dinner, go back to see Grandma until about 9 pm. We talked and talked and talked. Sometimes Grandma would just sit and listen. As of today, she has not eaten anything for 12 days. I said goodbye to her yesterday after my folks got back from vacation.

All I can say is thank goodness for my new love of knitting. Granbury has a great yarn shop and I was able to run there to buy some yarn. I made a Garden Party bag for an end of year gift for one of M's teachers. As soon as I line it, I'll post a photo of the finished object.
I did the green one purse without the loopy mohair. I'll make the pink one, too, for another teacher (these are the two that help out in Extended Day), and then I'll make the Really Huge Carpet Bag (it's the one in black below) in pinks and turquoise for her main teacher.

I also bought the pattern for the Spider Chrysanthemum's. If I knit them in a cream, I think it'll look like the FSM.

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