Monday, February 26, 2007

Babies - again

Sorry for not posting for awhile. I had to organize a retreat, a school Valentine's Day party, and a fifth birthday party (I can't believe I have a five year old!). All are thankfully done and everyone had a great time. Of course, my household was hit with flu this year right in the middle of all the festivities. We're getting the shot next year.

It seems like I haven't really wanted to knit, but I actually have gotten some items finished.

Another Bobbi Bear - yes, the legs are different lengths. I'm going to have to enter that into the "folksy hand knit charm" category and just not worry about it (of course I'm going to worry - don't we all knit pick our own stuff to death?). SnC in purple. 2 skeins of the small balls. I knitted this one differently than what was in the directions. I essentially knitted the main body/head, embroidered, and sewed on the ears before I stuffed it. I then picked up the stitches for the arms and finished him up. MDK kimono (I need to add the ties) with an Ellen's Ruffled Hat. OTN: Super Quick Baby Socks
Another hooded bath towel - and yes, my dye lots were different for the pink. (crud)

After I finish the socks, I'll make some Jess Hutch robots out of cotton. I like giving cotton to new parents because the item can be machine washed and dried.

Oh, and the blue bear/hooded bath towel was a hit at the baby shower last Sunday.

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Tyler and Leah Kovacs said...

Stumbled onto your blog - you have some cute knittings! Keep it up.