Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Babies, babies every where

I've been knitting - really! Here's my latest:

The hooded baby towel pattern is free and came from here.

The washcloth was a standard Grandmother's favorite but with four stitches cast on and a M1 after two stitches instead of a YO - I did it to match the towel pattern.

The bear is a Baby Bobbi Bear and was really great to knit up. The only sewing needed was to sew the ears to the head (and after looking at the photo's, I wish I sewed them a little lower). Very nice pattern and only uses two skeins of SnC cotton and one whole back of 12 oz of poly fill. I used some scrap green to embroider the nose and two 9 mm black safety eyes. Here's the bear all by himself:

Here he is snuggled up in the bath towel:

If you can't tell, I just love these colors for little guys. I am knitting up a Hot Pink, Orange, variegated version for a new baby girl that has been born into J's extended family. I may make a Baby Kimono instead of the bear.


Knitting Rose said...

That is sooo pretty - I love the blanket & you and the animals!! I love them and you always do such a good job. That is a sweetie!

ctlynn said...

Looks fabulous!