Sunday, December 30, 2007

FO-Super-sized Spiral Doily

Pattern: Doily with Spiral from Yarn Over
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic, Deep Red #3424 - 11 skeins (I could have gotten away with 10, but I kept making my joins with very long tails).
Needle: US 6
Size: 48-inches in diameter.
Modifications to pattern: The spiral part of the pattern only goes up to 33 stitches between markers - it only has 8 points. I knitted to 66 stitches and have 14 points. So, if I were to knit this for me, I'd knit it with 99 stitches between markers.

Mom, thanks for the great vacation.


Karen said...

Absolutely gorgeous :-)

Brenda said...

absolutely beautiful! I love the spiral!

Diane x hooky needle fingers said...


Lisa said...

wonderful! great job

wildflower38 said...

It's beautiful!

Sarah said...

Incredibly beautiful work! Love your blog!