Thursday, December 20, 2007

Work on Vacation

I have a project that's due at the end of the month, so I brought my laptop on vacation with me. I'm actually able to get a couple of hours worth of work done - it sucks, but it's better than sitting in 40 degree wet weather.

Oh, and the lobby keeps playing the same insipid Christmas music - over and over and over again. If I hear Jingle Bell Rock one more time, I'm gonna kill some one.
J surprised me, though. There was a weird Spanish carol on and he started singing it. I had never heard it, but here was my DH singing this song. I asked him about how he knew the song, and he answered in one word: Catholic. It was funny. He says its about Joseph going from house to house trying to find a room for his pregnant wife, Mary. It's just a little strange having a 6'8" hulk singing a Spanish song at a high pitch - and someone who only knows how to ask where his shoes are in Spanish.
We went snorkeling a couple of days ago. M was scared of getting in the water, but finally had to go to the bathroom. She insisted that Francisco go back so she can use the bathroom. Francisco pointed to the water, and M was horrified. "I don't want to go on my suit!"
So I had to pull the suit aside. After much thought and angst, she finally went pee and proudly announced it to all. Oh. She went pee in the ocean FOUR times that trip!!
Once M was in the water, she did really well. I had her grab on to me while I snorkeled. J finally got to get into the water and snorkel, too. It was great. The fish were beautiful and we saw several eels - very cool.
When M gets tired, she wants to go hang out in the hotel room and watch "Neek" - or Nickelodeon for the non-initiated. She gets to see the same programs she knows and loves - but in Spanish.
All in all, I'm ready to come home. It seems five days is just enough time for us to be on vacation. Seven is two days too long.
Must. Stop. Jingle. Bell. Rock.

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