Friday, December 05, 2008

I wanna go home


We've been on the road since Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It's Friday - the second Friday we've been away from home.

Fun stuff we've done:

Seen J's family in Nashville. Ate at Aquarium restaurant there for J's birthday. M essentially disappeared as she was glued to the hips of her cousins. I missed her a great deal.

We got to Las Vegas last Saturday and stayed downtown at the Gold Nugget. M got to see the big movie in the sky. She also declared the Gold Nugget pool to be the coolest pool EVER. They have a slide and you get to slide through a shark tank towards the bottom. We actually opened the pool and closed it in one day.

Monday rolled around and we had to move hotels to the MGM - it's the hotel we stayed at for the Autodesk University. The twin beds were twin queens, not two twins. M & I actually got some good sleep. The day before my birthday, M & I went to see Mama Mia. We didn't make it through the whole show as M just got too tired. We still had a good time.

On Thursday, we went to Craftsteak located at the MGM. It's one of Tom Colicchio's restaurants. I wanted to eat in a celebrity chef restaurant. We stopped by a couple of them that were located in the MGM. One actually had a menu starting at $459 per person. (Yikes!)

Tonight is Friday - we're tuckered out and really just want to be home. M want's to go down to the Excaliber midway (yes, we're staying there tonight) and we just don't have the room to fit one more stuffed animal - so she's a little upset with us right now. That and the Excaliber doesn't have Nickolodeon - which is M's all time favorite channel. So she's essentially unpleasant right now.

So we get home tomorrow only to leave one week later for Cozumel.

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