Sunday, March 08, 2009

Brewing Beer

I have brewing beer down. Granted, I still use kits, but it makes it easy and somewhat quick. Right now we have over 100 bottles waiting the requisite 6 weeks from brew date. We've found that's how long you need to let the beer age so the funky yeasty taste is gone.

In the mean time, I just bottled 49 bottles today of an American Bock. It's REALLY dark. I get nervous when the beer is that dark.

I moved a Continental Light from the primary fermentor to a secondary and brewed a new batch of Amber.

I like making home brew beer. It does spoil me when I drink the mainstream stuff. Two home brews is enough to get a quick buzz. They definitely have a little more of a kick.

I have been somewhat lucky. We've only had one batch that didn't work out and that was because I forgot to add a packet to one of the batches - I think it was to lower the pH of the wort. We've been adding them to chili and various other things that taste nice with beer. As soon as my oven is fixed, I'll have to whip up some beer bread.

Oh yeah. My oven burn element arced on Friday night and burned all the way through. We took the screws off, and found that one of the electrical leads burned up all the way into the oven - which means that we can't fix it ourselves. At least the stove top still works.

I also made a Grumpasaurus this weekend. J was impressed. I made it for him since it's the second thing he has asked me to knit. M immediately confiscated it for herself. It was a lot smaller than I thought it was.

I also cast on for a super-sized Captain Underpants. I sold the State Fair one in a church auction. In order to do that, I promised M I'd make her a large one. This is my attempt to make one a little more detailed. I'd like to make a Krupp outfit for this one.

I also have been working on a crochet mermaid. I just needed some peach Comfort in order to finish her. I got some on Saturday when I went to Yarns Ewenique - everything is 40% off as they're going out of business. Too bad. It was a cute shop and I could tell the ladies there were really nice.

The reason why I'm doing the crochet mermaid is because they have a great tutorial on how to do doll hair. I've been wanting to make a Franny K. Stein but couldn't figure out how to do the hair. Perhaps doing this pattern will help me figure it out.

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