Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More comments on Twilight

I noticed I got a comment from an anonymous commenter regarding my hate for Twilight.

First off, I love reading vampire novels and have read several.

Twilight just pisses me off. The novel just kept going and going and NOTHING REALLY HAPPENED.

Basically, I can sum up Twilight for you

  1. Girl moves to cold place to live with a dad she really doesn't know.
  2. Girl finds out the boy she likes is a vampire.
  3. NOTHING HAPPENS with the boy/vamp.
  4. The vamps have a baseball game and a psycho vamp decides he wants to kill the Girl.
  5. Girl runs away from estranged dad to be tracked down by psycho vamp.
  6. Boy/vamp kills psycho vamp.
The End.

There are better vamp books out there. Really.

The Susie Stackhouse series is the best, IMHO. There are others that are good, but Twilight is just filled with NOTHING.

I'm a fan of good story lines. I also really wanted Twilight to be a good book. I was very disappointed.

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meegiemoo said...

I totally agree with you and I wrote a similar Twilight treatise a while ago. I just finished rereading the Sookie Stackhouse books and also agree that this series is probably one of the best for "light" vampire fun.

Vampires playing baseball? that's just wack!