Thursday, April 09, 2009

I am Officially a Hick

At least that's what J says. And here's why:

I am now the owner of a 1998 Pink Red Rider BB gun. Look in the trees - yes, they're can's of Schlitz tied to yarn and thrown into the trees. I use them for target practice.

For the record, guns scare the pants off of me but I do like to shoot targets with them. This is the first gun that has ever been allowed into my home. I needed to "shoot" off some steam. It's a lot of fun. I have never killed a living animal with a gun to date, but if those squirrels keep eating my sunflower seeds I have out for the birds, I may be tempted.

And, no, I won't shoot my eye out. I have protective eye glasses!

1 comment:

Jen da Purse Ho said...

that is freaggin awesome. :)

in jan i bought a pink .22 pistol. :) i felt like i really belonged in texas after i did that. hahaha!

i can't wait to buy a bigger gun now. :)