Monday, April 03, 2006

Nerd Humor

I have an acquaintance who works for the UT-Austin Physics department and they were "victims" of guerrilla art. She sent photo's via email & I just have to share them.

Madam Curie - pretty self explanatory

Moebius - Underwear turned in the famous "strip"

Ada Lovelace - Known as the first programmer.

Grace Hopper - covered with bugs. :)
My fav: Feynman - None, Baby! :) Don't know why Cornell's is boxers with penguins.
Weinberg is in a thong, th-a,-thong, thong, thong

Schrodinger was represented by a box that said, "boxers or briefs? you won't know until you open the box" (ala the Schrodinger cat

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