Friday, March 31, 2006


I love the blog Crooks and Liars. The guys running that site do a great job poking at the religious right and the politicians associated with them.

There was a video showing Hardball where they were debating the war on religion. Reverand Al Sharpton got on and he really took Tony Perkins to task. You know, it's great to see a theist get the whole separation of church and state issue. Perkins talked about how the LA county had to get rid of a cross that was an emblem on there seal. Sharpton said that it was the right thing to do because if there was any other religious symbol, then he'd want it removed, too. Sharpton said that we want a Democracy and not a Theocracy, which is where the country is moving towards. Wow! I mean, wow! A theist sees what secular American has seen for quite some time and said it publically!

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