Monday, March 27, 2006

Great Fun!

We had the in-laws show up this weekend and had a good time. We essentially just bumped around between the house and the hotel. We also made the trek up to IKEA in Frisco. They're hooked. As J calls it, "welcome to the cult of IKEA." It's just so easy to leave with so much stuff!

We also took M to Six Flags for the first time and went ahead and bought season passes. We rode the ship swing first. M was so excited to ride on it while we were waiting in line. . . but when the lap bar was brought down and M was "stuck", she panicked. "I don't want to ride this!" "Let me out!" The kids running the ride were kind to wait to see if we were going to stay on or not. M calmed down enough and ended up riding it. She held on really hard and concentrated on looking straight ahead. Afterwards, she claimed that she was yelling because it was just fun. :)

We then rode on a number of rides: The bob sled roller coaster, the log ride, the run away mine roller coaster and a couple of typical kid rides. She had so much fun and it was great fun watching her enjoy riding the rides.

I only had one "fat" moment on the run away mine ride. The lap bar wouldn't close, so we had to move to a different car so it would close on us. It was embarrassing and I could have just gotten up and not ridden the ride, but I stuck in there and moved to the other car without panicking. In another life, it would have ruined my day, but I pushed through it and had a great time.

I'm trying to up my phyisical activity and have done so over the past couple of weeks. I've been stiff, but happy because I'm getting out.

I'm also participating in a Candy Swap. I sent out my package and should receive mine sometime early this week.

On the knitting front, I've been knitting a banner for a group I belong to, but I've run out of yarn and need to order more. So that is on hold. Then I am not happy with how my socks are turning out - the toe looks weird and the body of the sock is too large. I'm going to have to frog what I have done and start over. I'm also going to go up on my needle size. 0 is too small! Right now I'm knitting a hat in cotton for an on-line friend who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. It's a pretty straight forward hat. I just dislike knitting with cotton.

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