Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good and Bad

Well, I've had good times and bad lately. First the bad: I hit my neighbors tree with my husband's car with everyone in it. I made over $4,000 in damages to the car. Thank goodness for insurance and seat belts.

Another bad is that I killed my phone when I was in San Francisco (see good below). I was touching sea creatures at the Aquarium of the Bay and it slipped out of my purse into the water.

The final bad is that my windows in MY car aren't working - the good is that I have 2500 miles left on my warranty so I hope it can be fixed.

Next the good: we went to San Francisco for a week. Highlight of the trip for me was a jaunt to Artfibers and Noe Knits. If you ever find yourself in SF, you need to ditch the hubby (or non-knitters) and plan on spending lots of time in Artfibers. They have samples of everything and encourage you to sit and knit them. All the people who stopped in had the same problem I did: husbands. I could have easily spent the whole day there. As it stood, I bought some Ming, Kyoto, Ziti, and Oodles. I knitted some Nearly Gloves in the Ziti - I really like them and will have to post my version of them in a later post. I love all the yarn I got from

I then ditched J & M on Monday night and went over to Noe Knits. The shop keeper is fabulous and they were very welcoming. I then went to Bliss Bar for the Chicks with Sticks meet up. What fun that was! I fell in love with a Peter Rabbit. I'll have to knit one up.

Seven days in San Francisco is too much. M & I did so much. I am totally exhausted and am very happy to be home. I'll blog about what we did in a later post.

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