Monday, March 26, 2007

Robots in the round & another Mr. Handster

I've been on a real kick making Jess Hutch's robots. I made one without taking a picture. But the other two are proof in concepts - i.e., you *can* knit her robots in the round. These two guys are headed to a pair of twin boy babies.

These were knitted in Sugar n Cream cotton. I love knitting them in cotton because they're nigh invulnerable and easy for new parents to throw them in the washer/dryer.

One problem with knitting them in the round is you have to start at the top of the head and, therefore, can't attach the antenna on the inside seam. Here's how mine turned out:
But the real problem occurs when I'm doing intarsia in the round. I still haven't found a clean way to wrap and turn the work without it looking wonky. My next attempt I'll knit them with an extra stitch cast on on both sides and mattress stitch the border. I think that's going to be the cleanest way to do it.Here's a Jess Hutch Spherey. My daughter dubbed it Mr. Handster when she was younger and the name stuck. When we got Mel our dog, he ended up chewing up Mr. Handster. This is his replacement with a different color scheme ala' M's choices.

I wanted to fix the smile, but M loves it just the way it is.

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