Thursday, April 26, 2007


Pattern: Satchel [Smaller Striped Version] from Knitty, Camelia Flower from Noni
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, Daffodil (23436) & Sapphire Heather (23899)

Needles: US Size 13
I used a magnetic snap (I bought it at Hobby Lobby. Joanns and Michaels don't carry them any more). In the past, I sewed a piece of fabric onto the bag and connected the clasp to the fabric, not the bag. This time I cut the felted wool (which is scary) and covered the back with the flower and the lining.

I also folded a plastic needlepoint canvas and put it in between the liner and the purse. It keeps sharp objects from poking through the felted bag.This is the pocket. I put it on the back of the satchel. It's large enough to hold a small cell phone.Things I'd do differently:

  • I'd attach the pocket to the bag before I felted it. I think I'd have to pull it apart before it dried, but I think the pocket would have looked a little better.
  • I would double knit the strap and attach it before I felted the bag.
  • Use colors that are closer together in the color spectrum. It looks like the blue bled into the yellow, but when you look at it closer, the fibers from the blue actually penetrated the yellow. If the colors were closer together, then I think the effect wouldn't be so dramatic.
  • I wouldn't knit a synthetic yarn into the flower. It just didn't felt well and ended up not looking it's best.

Even with all the above points, I do like this bag. The size is right and I wouldn't mind having one of these for myself. This was knit for a charity auction.

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