Tuesday, October 09, 2007

In Progress-season panels

I've been intrigued with quilting for quite some time (my grandmother did it a lot) and never felt that my sewing skills were up to snuff. My mom said that if I can sew my daughter's princess dress that I can do a quilt. We were bumping around a quilting shop in Granbury and she encouraged me to buy a kit. I bought a kit to make the Every Season Quilts.

I'm really intimidated by appliques and dragged my feet to start doing this. So I finally dragged everything out this past weekend - mainly because I'm getting tired of knitting on the Arwen and needed to change up my crafting projects.

Here's the front part of what I've got done - I still need to cut out and iron the Summer stuff. I'm happy with what I've done so far but have learned that I don't sew 1/4" consistently as my blocks don't line up. But that's part of my type A showing, so I'm pushing on.

Next: Embroidery, sewing a zig zag around the appliques, adding batting and a back, sewing around the words to "quilt" the design.

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