Monday, October 01, 2007

Tuesday - Day Four

No more Magic Kingdom - Yay!

My in-laws wanted to have a going away breakfast, so we ate at the Whispering Canyon Cafe located in the Wilderness Lodge. The staff basically had license to abuse you - in a fun way. The table next to us asked for ketchup and the waiter made a big deal about it. J needed some ketchup and asked me to grab the ketchup from the table next to us so he wouldn't have to suffer the humiliation. WELL! That backfired. The waiter noticed we had ketchup on the table and told the whole restaurant that J had STOLEN the ketchup.

They also had occasional events for the kids. M participated in a broom horse race and was deputized - if she promised to never go to Sea World. :)

After breakfast, we went to the airport and picked up our rental car - Cocoa Beach, here we come!

We stayed at a great little mom & pop hotel, the Fawlty Towers. We were just one block away from the beach and it was a perfect location. We checked in and headed off to the beach. I forgot how much fun the beach is.

Well, M LOVED the beach. I think it was the first time she wasn't stressed out on the trip. Collecting shells with her dad was great fun to watch. She wasn't a fan of swimming in the ocean as she didn't like getting knocked around by the waves or the taste of salt water.

The hotel also had a pool, and M wanted to swim in it. Later on, J & I hung out at the hotel's "tiki bar" and found a new to us beer: Yuengling Traditional Lager. It's yummy!

We noticed a beach bar on our way back to the hotel, so we ran over and had some great fish taco's there. Great fun and another early night.

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