Thursday, October 04, 2007

Reviewed: "The Sleeping Doll" by Jeffery Deaver

I picked this book up from the library to take with me on the Disney trip - I needed good trash - something that would go quick.

Well, this book didn't go quickly.

I picked it up mainly because Deaver had introduced a new character to his Lincoln Rhyme series and I liked her. Her name is Kathryn Dance and she's a body language expert. I enjoyed her in The Cold Moon and thought this book had some good possibilities.

The story started out good and fast. Daniel Pell was a very smart cult leader who found himself being very intimidated by Kathryn because she wasn't easily moved by him - which spooked him. Daniel busted out of the jail, and the rest of the story is about catching him.

I got bored when Deaver would talk about how Dance was able to watch the "subject" and become a human lie-detector. It just got repetitive and was something I already read about in The Cold Moon.

I became impatient when Daniel Pell kept getting away - and the way he got away was similar each time. Hyper observant criminal is able to foil the cops because the people around him gave it away. Deaver used this device way too much and it became - yeah - repetitive.

But I kept reading because I had to know why Pell had stayed around and not just disappeared. The end of the book was pure Deaver with a twist that was good and interesting. I'm glad I stuck with the book because I enjoyed the end.

I wouldn't recommend the book, though. Too slow.

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