Wednesday, November 05, 2008

More Socks!

Well, I've been on a bit of a CSM adventure as I was determined to get my ribber running smoothly. At Maker Faire, I was able to crank Sarah Easter's Legare 400 a couple of times with it loaded with ribber needles. It turned so nicely and easily. It's always been a struggle with mine. That and the eating of the latches started to become expensive.

Thanks to the SockMachineFriends Yahoo! group, I got the diagnosis: The nose on my tappet plate was too blunt. I used some metal sand paper and sanded the nose into a duck tail so the nose will direct the latches to the side rather than snap off.

It worked.

Then I made a You Tube video to see if any of the more experience CSM'ers could help me out. They are amazing! I did the adjustments and my machine is working really well - finally!

So, I have whipped up two pairs of ribbed socks and an i-pod cozy over the past two nights.

First pair:

These are going in the mail as soon as I get them washed.

Leg: 1x1 rib for 50 rows
Pre-heel: plain for 10 rows
Foot: (I forgot - I'll have to look this up)
Womens Size: 7.5

With the i-pod cozy. This time I didn't turn a toe. That's why it's nice and square (Sarah's idea). I'm on the fence regarding sewing in a zipper.

Second Pair (Tasha's):
Leg: 1 x 1 rib for 20 rows, 3 x 1 rib for 50 rows
Pre-heel: 10 rows all stockinette
Foot: 48 rows
Women's size 9

I also started a new blog:

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