Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Had a great mother's day.

M brought me a marigold flower that she planted in a pot she decorated.

She also wrote a nice note:


You are the nicest mommy in the world! I Love you so much! LiFe is great with you! Ice creame is good. SuGar is sweet, But Not A Sweet as you! you always heLp with fun iDeas! You are the one Who is nice and sweet so I love you so much. Every Day you are sweet!
Oh, and this is a peace sign:
Then we went to church and had a lovely pancake breakfast. Church had a guest speaker, Marc Adams of the HeartStrong, Inc charitable org. He was great.

Got home and J gave me a note:
It came with a $25 gift certificate from Joanns. Whoot!

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